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'All Of This Life' Album Review

June 22nd 2018 sees the release of the much anticipated follow up to 'Give It Back To You', the debut album from The Record Company.

This latest release is titled 'All Of This Life' and offers ten great new tracks that will have you hooked from the very first note.

We start this adventure with the first track which is called 'Life To Fix'. This is without doubt one of the most infectious tunes I've heard in a long time, and whether you love it or hate it, you certainly won't forget it. A great way to kick off this journey.

Next up we have 'I'm Getting Better' which has a much more boogie woogie feel and will have your toes tapping straight away.

'Goodbye To The Hard Life' brings a change of style with Chris singing falsetto which gives this song an almost hypnotic and psychedelic feel.

'Make It Happen' is a funky number introduced with slide on steel and another with an infectious back beat.

Next up is possibly my favourite track on this album. It is called 'You And Me Now' and is a truly beautiful stunner of a track with an almost anthemic feel. A wonderful tune.

'Coming Home' changes the feel again and is much more of a straight up rock track with a hint of old school punk sound in the vocals.

'The Movie Song' has been available for a while now and is another wonderful feel good tune reflecting on more innocent youthful days where life was just wonderful. 

Alex's bass sets the scene for the next song 'Night Games', before Chris's vocals take you on a journey throughout the track. This is followed by a song that has been about for a few years, but here we have it updated and it deserves to make this album, it is called 'Roll Bones'.

Last but not least we finish with a song called 'I'm Changing', and this would not be out of place if you heard it being played on a porch somewhere in the deep south with its bluesy and rootsy, raw and real sound and is a really fantastic way to end what is an extremely good sophomore album by Chris Vos, Alex Stiff and Marc Cazorla, better known as The Record Company.

Track List:-

1. 'Life To Fix'

2. 'I'm Getting Better'

3. 'Goodbye To The Hard Life'

4. 'Make It Happen'

5. 'You And Me Now'

6. 'Coming Home'

7. 'The Movie Song'

8. 'Night Games'

9. 'Roll Bones'

10. 'I'm Changing' 

Two Finger Media gives 'All Of This Life' 4.5/5

Photo credits - Jen Rosenstein

The Movie Song