The Record Company - OMEARA London September 5th 2018.

The Record Company were in town for a one off headline show at OMEARA in London.

This was the first chance they've had to get back over here since they did a small headline tour in the first half of 2017. This one off gig was gonna be their chance to play live some of the songs off of their latest album 'All Of This Life', live for us in the UK

Before they played their show that evening, I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris for a chat/interview at their hotel earlier in the day. Please check it out below, it was a pretty cool and a very informative and interesting interview with one of the humblest musicians I have ever met.

Chris Vos Interview - Two Finger Media - The Record Company

With the interview done, and with sound check around 3pm, I left Chris to continue his day and made my arrangements to return later that evening for the show.

I was later getting to the venue than usual so unfortunately missed the support for the evening which were a band from Yorkshire here in the UK called Bang Bang Romeo.

Talking to a few people before the main event, by all accounts they went down a storm and left a positive impression on those in attendance, so another band to check out for sure. 

A little after 9pm the lights went down and the anticipation in a packed out OMEARA was there for everyone to feel, and I'm sure the band could feel it too. 

They appeared from side of stage to thunderous applause, and at that moment the whole place was clapping as one.

We were to be treated to a night of great music with songs from both of their album releases entwined perfectly to provide a wonderful soundtrack that had you mesmerised from start to finish.

There was a moment when Chris even paid tribute to Aretha Franklin with a few lines from one of her songs which got the crowd going crazy.

This is a band of brothers that have years and years of experience in playing and recording and now at long last are getting the recognition that all their hard work and talent deserves.

Three nicer guys you could not wish to meet, and they are so humble and genuine and that comes through in their music.



The band will be back to the UK for a full headline tour which will be epic, and one tour you really don't want to be missing. 

If you haven't checked out The Record Company yet, then please do so. Both albums are fantastic but nothing will prepare you for the buzz and excitement of one of their live shows.

The Record Company are Chris Vos (lead guitar, lap steel guitar, harmonica, vocals), Alex Stiff (bass, harmonica, vocals) and Marc Cazorla (drums, piano, vocals).



The Movie Song Live

Set list:-


'Roll Bones'

'Hard Day Coming Down'

'The Movie Song'

'Feels So Good'

'Turn Me Loose'

'On The Move'

'Make It Happen'

'Off The Ground (With Intro)'

'This Crooked City'

'I'm Getting Better'

'Rita Mae Young (With Jam)'

'Life To Fix (With Jam)'


'You And Me Now'