The Record Company

'Play Loud'

The Record Company is breaking old habits on 'Play Loud'. The Los Angeles trio were ready for a change when it came time to make their third album, and they got it. 'Play Loud' pushes the group into uncharted territory with a dozen new tracks that move beyond the sound of The Record Company’s first two albums.


To help widen their musical approach, Marc Cazorla, Alex Stiff and Chris Vos brought in Grammy-winning producer Dave Sardy (Oasis, The Head And The Heart, Death From Above 1979, LCD Soundsystem, The Who), who offered ideas and suggestions, and knew just when to push. They also worked with outside songwriters on their way to amassing far more songs than they’d previously written for an album.


'Out Of My Head' has a more dramatic feel from the start with an intensity that draws you in and leaves you wondering which direction you are going next. The chorus just grabs you and you will be singing this after a few listens. Again very addictive.
'Live As One' is one of my absolute favourites and has a wonderful and uplifting vibe. This track builds wonderfully and lifts you up and takes you along on this musical journey with heart and soul around every corner. Just a fabulous tune.


We start this new album with a track that immediately will have your feet tapping along to this addictive and laid back number. 'Never Leave You' sets a wonderful tone for this new release. This is followed by 'How High', which was the first single released and was/is the sound of summer for me. A fabulous upbeat and flowing bass line leads you into a lively and upbeat vocal performance by Chris with a huge sing a long chorus.

'Gotta Be Movin’ is the latest single release and has a fabulous 90's hip hop vibe. Chris's vocals fit this song perfectly and it really does have such a cool and chilled out vibe.

'Today Forever' brings the pace down to a slow clap foot stomp before we are given a lift for the chorus. It has a real chain gang rhythm. 'Get Up And Dance!' raises the pace again for this full on upbeat and groove laden number. It has a sultry undertone throughout.

'Paradise' is a track that is just a chilled out masterpiece. We start slow but controlled with almost haunting vocals from Chris that take us along before the chorus, that again is like a phoenix rising from the ashes before diving back down where we continue with the haunting and melodic vibes. This is followed by 'Awake', which has an old school funky blues vibe with some wonderful slide followed by a groove that is just delicious.

'Lady Lila' up next and this is a sumptuous almost burlesque sounding number with an uplifting feel.
'Midnight Moon' lifts the pace for this excellent and roadhouse feeling track that has a smoldering fire that is ready to erupt at any time, and certainly does for the chorus. It has a Tarantino vibe for me, and I can hear this in any of his films.


We finish with 'Ain’t Going Home', which is another groove laden number that once again will have those feet tapping and heads bobbing as will most of this album to be fair. It just sounds like the guys were having a blast recording this. A fitting end to a fabulous new album by The Record Company.

TRC - Promo 1_Credit Travis Shinn LO.jpg

This is defintely a change to the norm for The Record Company, and you can feel the influence of Dave Sardy throughout, pushing the guys out of their comfort zone, but it all works to deliver a fabulous new album.

I loved the first two studio albums, and was a little apprehensive as to what to expect from this new release, but there was no need to worry as this is an absolute belter of an album. Plenty of riffs, plenty of grooves, plenty of The Record Company

TFM gives 'Play Loud' 10/10, an absolute must have in your collection.