The Rocket Dolls

'The Art Of Disconnect'

Release date May 1st 2020

Excerpt from bio:- The release of 'The Art Of Disconnect' is the living embodiment of how the rock music and the rock community are very much alive. The story behind the record sees The Rocket Dolls being one of the many bands affected by the Pledge Music crisis. Undeterred, the band re-launched the fund-raising campaign from their own merch store, smashing the target thanks to their loyal fans.


'The Art Of Disconnect' has been two years in the making and displays a varied soundscape: the pure rock energy blends with hints of pop sensibilities and grunge riffs, creating their fullest and most accessible record yet. The record was produced by George Donoghue at British Grove Studios, with industry heavyweight Chris Sheldon at the mixing desk (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro and Don Broco).


'Blueprint For A Breakdown' is a head banging, foot tapping monster that will no doubt bring plenty of air drumming in the car once we have the freedom to roam again. A fast paced joy of a track before 'If I Could Trade Me For A Day', which has a much more grungy start and feel,  and wouldn't have been out of place during the early 90's alongside bands like Nirvana.

'Straight Jacket' is another rocker that will have that head bobbing in an instant. A powerful performance both musically and vocally, before we end with 'Stubborn', which is a wonderful way to end this marvellous album. A fantastic sound and feel to this track which will just take you along with the flow as this is just a great way to finish. Very anthemic especially with the orchestral sound.

This latest release from The Rocket Dolls is an absolute cracker, full of heavy riffs, volcanic vocals, haunting melodies and a fantastically put together selection of songs that just fit perfectly together on this album.


TFM gives 'The Art Of Disconnect' a well deserved 4.75/5, a truly wonderful release that would grace anyone's collection. Please check it out and buy your copy now, you will not be disappointed.

It is rare these days that an album kicks off with the title track, but The Rocket Dolls have done just that. 'The Art Of Disconnect' has a very serene opening before the power hits from both the music and Nikki's vocals. A powerful gauntlet thrown down for the rest of the album to come. Next up is 'Enthusiasm And Fumes', which is a full on beast of a track with heavy riffs and a driving beat. A heavy rocker if ever I heard one.

'It Comes At A Price' has a really cool if erratic start musically that draws you into another fast paced tune with plenty of hooks to keep your attention, before 'The Grip' has a great bouncing drum start that paves the way for another belter of a track, and another that needs to just be turned to 11 and enjoyed.


'The Clear Light Of Self Hatred' is certainly a mouthful of a title, but the song will not leave you time to contemplate that, again full on from the off and no let up. A foot stomping head banging piece music that fits perfectly on this album.

'Grin And Bare It' slows the pace for a wonderful and enticing number that draws you in with some fantastic haunting vocals and excellent musicianship. This is followed by 'Who I've Become', which takes us back to a heavier sound, but in a more power ballad way.

'Habit Machine' is another slower track that again has a haunting melody that is just fantastic, and another gem of a tune, before 'Slow Motion Ruin', another heavy monster with aggressive guitar and drums, accompanied by dirty soulful vocals. A great mix.