THE SOUTHERN LOCOMOTIVE BAND  are a hard driving three piece southern rock band from west Georgia.
The new CD is called 'LUCK OF THE DRAW' and it was released on JULY 1st 2021 with 11 new songs from the band.

The Southern Locomotive Band are Danny Southern - guitar , vocals and Hammond organ, Greg Carter - bass and backup vocals, and Curtis Hummer - drums and percussion.


'THE NET' is a fast paced rockier number but still maintaining that southern vibe, with plenty of licks and solos, including a keyboard one.

'STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN' is a mid tempo romp before 'WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS' hits us again with that ZZ TOP vibe


We kick of this release with the title track 'LUCK OF THE DRAW', and it is a bluesy rocker with nasty dirty guitar throughout. Next we have 'I'M A BELIEVER', which has a more controlled and slower vibe with a foot tapping head bobbing beat.

'CONTRABAND' is an upbeat number, again with a bluesy southernswagger. A throwback to ZZ TOP of old.

'OUTSIDE LOOKING IN' is another with a rockin' beat and a real roadhouse feel.