The Southern Locomotive Band

'Somewhere In Time'

The Southern Locomotive Band are a three piece hard driving band from West Georgia with a southern rock flavour. Their first CD 'Somewhere In Time', released June 1st 2020, is self recorded and released through CD Baby.


The Southern Locomotive Band is Danny Southern on guitar vocals and Hammond organ, Greg Carter on bass and backing vocals, and Curtis Hummer on drums. The band have been together for 4 years and only do original music. They are currently recording their 2nd CD and already have the 3rd written and playing all in their live sets.


The Southern Locomotive Band's CD 'Somewhere In Time' is available on CD Baby, Amazon, and all digital platforms, and from July 20th 2020 a new website will be up and running too.

Danny Southern 1.jpg

'Lucky Just To Be Alive' is another track that has a controlled slower funky bluesy start before we are taken along on this flowing number. This is a very Hendrix sounding tune. Wonderful vibe. Next up is 'Home Of The Memphis Blues', and as the title suggests, it is a full on blues ballbreaker, heavy and loud with some wonderful tempo changes and great addition of a harmonica.

'Living In the City' is a take on the state of our city streets in these sorry times. A constant fight for survival. 'The Rolling Stone' slows the pace and brings us a more power ballad of a track. Again some wonderful guitar work and tempo changes in this bluesy beauty.

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'The Time Machine' kicks this off in fine fashion with a bluesy riff with a southern edge. This gives me a 70's rock vibe and is a great start to the album. Next up is 'Last Dollar Bill', which is a slower sultry bluesy number with a far too familiar story to be told, but with some sublime guitar work.

'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' as the name suggests, is no slow burner, but instead is full on from the start. Rock n roll with a funky southern edge followed by 'Walk Away', which is a mid tempo groove laden number that has an edge backed by some great guitar riffage.

'Hershel's Farm' raises the tempo again and hits from the start. A full on smack in the face with an avalanche of sound, before 'Won't Be Back No More',  which is another mid tempo but upbeat number that just rolls and rolls and takes you along for the ride. 'We're Gonna All Wash Away' is the penultimate track and is a blues rock number that has an addictive beat and sound with an almost Gary Moore sounding guitar throughout, before we end with 'Angel On My Shoulder' which is the last track on this exceptional album. Again a more controlled mid tempo track but it definitely has that timeless southern edge.

I really enjoyed this album, lots of good influences and some wonderful musicianship make this a definite addition to your music collection if in anyway you like good honest rock n roll with a southern bluesy twist. TFM gives 'Somewhere In Time' 4.5/5, a very good southern rock album.