The Struts

'Strange Days'

The third full length from British rock band The Struts, 'Strange Days' came to life over the course of a charmed and frenzied burst of creativity last spring. After getting tested for COVID-19, singer Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies all moved into the Los Angeles home of Jon Levine, a producer who worked extensively on their acclaimed sophomore effort 'YOUNG & DANGEROUS' (including the album’s chart-climbing lead single 'Body Talks'). Within just ten days of couch-crashing at Levine’s house, The Struts had laid down nine original tracks and one masterful cover of a KISS B-side: a lean, mean body of work that amounts to their most glorious output to date.

"It was so much fun to make a record this way instead of getting everything done in between touring, working with multiple producers in multiple countries," says Spiller. "We were all just burning to capture that excitement as much as we possibly could, and at times it felt like the songs were literally just falling from the sky."

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'Strange Days' (with Robbie Williams) kicks off this album with the same name, and just captures the current situation we are all facing worldwide and is a fabulous melodic and haunting number with a wonderful contribution from global superstar Robbie Williams. Having Robbie on board should definitely give the band that exposure to take them to the next level where we all know they belong.

'All Dressed Up' (With Nowhere To Go) is a motorbike revving rockin' number that gives the band the freedom to really enjoy this one when played live I am sure. It has a big chorus to sing a long to instantly, making this a sure fire fans' favourite. This is followed by 'Do You Love Me', which is a Glam Rock flamboyant cascade of pure musical fun and is a great Struts take on an old Kiss track from 1976.


'I Hate How Much I Want You' (with Phil Collen & Joe Elliott of Def Leppard) is the second single released after the title track and starts with a wonderful chat between Luke and Joe which is just funny before a rocker starts and transports you along with a tidal wave of guitar driven rock with addictive lyrics that will stick in your head for ever.

'Wild Child' (with Tom Morello) is a funky and heavy number that will be immense when played live. A real powerhouse of a track, and anybody who thinks The Struts are just a gimmick band need to listen to this, pure heavy rock that needs to be turned up to 11 and just enjoyed.

'Cool' has the unmistakeable Struts sound with an early Stones vibe, and is another that has a fantastic and heavier beat throughout, and another where Luke will surely put on a fantastic and exuberant performance on stage.


'Burn It Down' is just a wonderful sounding track with a bluesy and soulful vibe both musically and vocally and great to hear the piano on this, before 'Another Hit Of Showmanship' (with Albert Hammond Jr), lifts the pace with a feel good sounding upbeat number that has The Struts written all over it.

'Can't Sleep' has a cool bass and drum start reminiscent of 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' by Jet, before Luke's vocals and the band slow it all down for the chorus. You WILL be moving to this, impossible not to.

'Am I Talking To The Champagne' (Or Talking To You) is a soulfully Latino infused sultry and haunting end to this third studio release by one of the best live bands around today and with the collaborations should really fire the band to the next level and get them the recognition they thoroughly deserve.

A fabulous new release and one I am certain every single Struts fan will love. 

TFM gives 'Strange Days' a deserved 5/5, this is one release that definitely without a doubt deserves its 5 star rating, and if you haven't already got this pre-ordered for October 16th, this Friday, then please check it out when released.

Track list:-

1. 'Strange Days' (with Robbie Williams)

2. 'All Dressed Up' (With Nowhere To Go)

3. 'Do You Love Me'

4. 'I Hate How Much I Want You' (with Phil Collen & Joe Elliott of Def Leppard)

5. 'Wild Child' (with Tom Morello)

6. 'Cool'

7. 'Burn It Down'

8. 'Another Hit Of Showmanship' (with Albert Hammond Jr)

9. 'Can't Sleep'

10. 'Am I Talking To The Champagne' (Or Am I Talking To You)