The Temperance Movement - 'A Deeper Cut' Live in Bristol.

The latest tour by The Temperance Movement coincides nicely with the release of their third studio album 'A Deeper Cut', released on February 16th.

This latest album is another fantastic release by this talented band and I was looking forward to hearing the new songs played live.

The O2 Academy Bristol was the venue for this leg of the tour and I was fortunate enough to have a sneak peak at the evenings entertainment ahead by catching part of the sound check. What I witnessed only fuelled the excitement of what was to come later.

The support band for this current tour is Thomas Wynn and the believers who hail from Orlando in Florida. They are a six piece band and have a wonderful Soulful, Bluesy almost Gospel sound at times. They played a nine song set which is a good set for a support band, and was a good opportunity for all who had never seen them before to get a good feel for their music. They were very well received by a rammed O2 Academy and I'm sure won over a lot of new fans after this performance.

Set List:-

1. 'I Don't Regret'

2. 'You Can't Hurt Me'

3. 'Mountain Fog'

4. 'Heartbreak Alley'

5. 'Wade Waist Deep'

6. 'Atlantic City'

7. 'Man Out Of Time'

8. 'Burn As One'

9. 'Turn It Into Gold'


The Temperance Movement took to the stage a little after nine to rapturous applause, with Phil bounding onto the stage before they start straight in with 'Caught In the Middle' from their latest release followed by three others from the new album. During 'Love and Devotion' they were joined on stage by Thomas and Olivia Wynn for an amazing performance.

We were then treated to a couple of songs from their first album before another from 'A Deeper Cut'. They then played possibly the best ever version of 'White Bear' that I have ever heard anywhere. It was simply one of those moments I will always remember no matter how many gigs I go to, a very special moment.

The last few songs were shared amongst the three albums before a pause in proceedings when the band left the stage. It wasn't long before the crowd were chanting we want more, then erupted as the band returned to the stage for the encore.


A keyboard had been placed on the stage ready for Phil to start the encore with the awesome 'Backwater Zoo' before they finished the night with the now TTM classic, 'Midnight Black'.

This was an amazing set and the band were on fire tonight. If the rest of the tour is as good as this, whoever goes to see them will be in for an absolute treat.

Great band, great music, great night........


Set List:-

1. 'Caught In The Middle'

2. 'The Way It Was'

3. 'Love And Devotion'

4. 'The Wonders We've Seen'

5. 'Be Lucky'

6. 'Ain't No Telling'

7. 'Another Spiral'

8. 'White Bear'

9. 'Three Bulleits'

10. 'Battle Lines'

11. 'Know For Sure'

12. 'Built-In Forgetter'

13. 'Higher Than The Sun'

14. 'Only Friend'

15. 'A Deeper Cut'


16. 'Backwater Zoo'

17. 'Midnight Black'