The Treatment

'Waiting For Good Luck'

'Waiting For Good Luck' is the fifth full-length album from British hard rockers The Treatment. Showcasing an intense sonic power only hinted at thus far, The Treatment is truly firing on all cylinders now. A first listen will instantly reveal hulking riffs and memorable choruses and further listens reveal more and more as the listener delves into this love letter to hard rock. 'Waiting For Good Luck' truly is a classic album in the making.

Produced by UK rock maestro Laurie Mansworth (Airrace) and mixed by Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Black Country Communion, etc.), 'Waiting For Good Luck' is The Treatment’s second album featuring Tom Rampton on vocals and the first one with the new bass player Andy Milburn. Rampton's raspy, whisky-soaked vocal style suits the band's driving, hard rock style perfectly and the results of him having toured with and gelled further with the band can really be heard distinctly here.

THE TREATMENT waiting for good luck COVE

'Rat Race' is the first single to be released from this latest album and is just a good rockin' tune with an 80's vibe and is a great way to kick it off. This is followed up by 'Take It Or Leave It', which is a wonderful upbeat track that will have those feet tapping and heads bobbing. An excellent tune, simple but beautifully executed.

'Lightning In A Bottle' changes the tempo for yet another classic sounding rock'n'roll track, musically great, vocally superb.

'Vampress' raises the temperature for this high octane thrill ride that takes no prisoners. Another wonderful addition to this latest release.

'Eyes On You' changes the pace again for this bluesy rocker, reminds me of early ACDC, and I love early ACDC.

'No Way Home' bounds along from the off and you are transported on the beat throughout along with the band accompanying them on their musical journey. Next we are treated to 'Devil In The Detail', and is another that has a familiar sound but still has that Treatment stamp all the way through.

'Tough Kid' is a slowly burning fire pit that erupts when fuel is poured on and delivers a wonderful story telling track with a great beat before 'Hold Fire', lifts the pace again to 100mph with this express train of a tune.

'Barman' is as bluesy as you can get with a great rockin' swagger that creates another fabulous number, this is followed by 'Let's Make Money'. This brings back the thunder and delivers a foot stomping penultimate track before the latest single release and final number 'Wrong Way'. This is the second single released from the album and along with 'Rat Race' gives the public a great overview of the new album, again just a great rockin' track. 

This album needs and deserves to be played loud and proud and I am certain will be a mainstay for many a car stereo with its relentless driving tunes that flow effortlessly throughout this excellent release. Tom's vocals must be among the best in rock music today, excellent vocal range and a great tone perfect for this style of music. This band deserve to showcase their music on the biggest stages around.

TFM gives 'Waiting For Good Luck' a full house 10/10, a must own when released on April 9th.