The Wildhearts

'30 Year Itch' - Live

At a time when we are craving live shows more than ever, Round Records presents The Wildhearts with '30 Year Itch', recorded live during the band’s The Renaissance Men and Diagnosis tours during 2019.

Ginger says, "There are a few authorised bootleg live albums of The Wildhearts doing the rounds, but as soon as Danny rejoined the band I knew I had to capture the classic Wildhearts line up on record. There were a few reasons for this, the main one being that we're still alive, which is a situation that could change at any second with this group".
"I also wanted people to hear how insanely powerful The Wildhearts are as a live band. Pounding drums, chainsaw bass and bombastic guitar riffs, all underpinning harmony vocals and huge anthemic songs that every member of the audience sings like a football crowd". 


'Urge' is probably the most mellow sounding track but still has a very strong power ballad feel, before the full on heavy as fuck interlude kicks in a few times.

'Mazel Tov Cocktail' is a wonderful and upbeat mid tempo track with a great beat and a wonderful vocal performance followed by 'Sick Of Drugs', which sits perfectly with the previous track with another tune that just bounds along with no thought of stopping any when soon.

'Someone Who Won’t Let Me Go' is the most commercial sounding song that would sound great played on radio stations everywhere, before 'The Revolution Will Be Televised', which lifts the pace back up to full throttle mode with this anthemic crowd pleaser with its change of tempo throughout.

'Caffeine Bomb' is an intense barnstormer of a track that will leave you breathless and needing a break, while next up is the penultimate track 'Love U Til I Don’t'. This allows us to take a breath after the intensity of the previous track, and delivers a fabulous indie/punk/grunge mix with a great vibe.

Last but not least is 'I Wanna Go Where The People Go', which brings to a close this wonderful collection that showcases 30 years of The Wildhearts beautifully and will be a must own for any fan. A great way to end this celebration of one of the most enigmatic and full on live bands of the last few decades.

The Wildhearts are one of the UK’s best loved rock acts. Fronted by the mercurial Ginger, the band have written countless anthems that are woven into the fabric of UK rock music. The band have nine studio albums, from the iconic debut 'Earth Vs The Wildhearts' through to 2019’s critically acclaimed 'Renaissance Man', their first new studio in ten years. The band are an established live act who consistently sell out venues across The UK and Europe.
For all those fans of live music craving something to fill the gap until life returns to normal then this is the album you must have…
The Wildhearts  '30 Year Itch' is released on the 4th December 2020.

The Wildhearts have certainly left their mark on the live music scene over the past 30 years with live performances that leave nothing in the dressing room, and because of these performances they have built up a loyal following who know exactly what to expect when they attend a Wildhearts gig, a high intensity performance that just does not let up with the band giving 100% from start to finish and leaving the fans breathless but with more great memories from every gig. Hopefully these times will return sooner rather than later, but until then this is the perfect record to experience the next best thing to being there.


TFM gives '30 Year Itch' Live 5/5, a stratospheric recording demonstrating that rock n roll is alive and well and looks like there is no chance of it going away any when soon as long as The Wildhearts still have a breath in their bodies. Please do yourself a favour and get this as soon as you can and just enjoy some real and raw rock n roll.


'Dislocated' is a full throttle start to this 30 year celebration of The Wildhearts. with Ginger's gravely and gritty vocals, and explosive chorus, before 'Everlone', which is another that is like an express train tearing across the stage with a huge sing a long chorus.

For 'Suckerpunch', the pace increases even more with this three minute attack on the senses. The speed with which this track is attacked is truly impressive. Next up is 'Anthem', and allows for a little respite from the intensity that has opened this latest release, with a more slower tempo whilst still maintaining that big Wildheart sound.

'Diagnosis' has the crowd clapping from the off for yet another favourite with another huge chorus, before the uplifting 'TV Tan', which is a wonderful number with a great vibe throughout. Your head will be bobbing to this. 

'The Jackson Whites' takes you along on this flowing crest of a wave that is a constant beat throughout, followed by 'Let Em Go', which is another sing a long anthem without a doubt.

'Vanilla Radio' is a track that has a guitar sound reminiscent of Steve Jones from The Sex Pistols before again we have an arena track that will have the whole crowd jumping as one.