Thirteen Stars

Finest Ramshackle Jam

Release date: June 19th 2020

Excerpt from bio:- Thirteen Stars are a Southern Rock band with a bluesy/country swing all the way from the West Coast of Cumbria.
The band have toured extensively across the UK and Europe since their
formation in 2009, supporting the likes of The Quireboys, Hayseed Dixie and Skinny Molly, as well as releasing four studio albums and a live EP.
Through this the band have established themselves as a must see live act
on the UK rock circuit  (and beyond), playing blistering sets at Bully On Rocks, Hard Rock Hell Crows and Planet Rock's Winter’s End to name but a few. The past couple of years have been spent focusing on writing new material and road testing the new tunes across the UK, Spain, France and Holland. The result is the band’s hotly anticipated FIFTH studio album.

Thirteen Stars Album Art.png

'Sorcery' just attacks from the off then takes a joyride on your senses with different musical contributions giving this a unique sound. This is followed by a more mellow track 'Be There In the Morning', that bounds along at a pace that will have your feet tapping and head bobbing in no time.

'I'd Do Anything' has a scaled guitar start, and the song starts to sound grungy before it mellows in the chorus, then 'Mint Jelly' is a track that is full on and frenetic with a great beat and heavy vocals giving us a southern rock belter.


'Rebel' brings another change of direction again, this time a country vibe with a bit of grit, before 'Steel Horse', which is definitely a country tune, style wise at least. The vocals bring an edge to the tune lyrically whilst keeping that country feel.



'Keep Calm and Carry On' is probably the most commercial sound so far, again with hints of Petty. 'Razor's Edge' has a wonderful heavy edge to it, possibly the heaviest track so far, before 'Break It Down Slowly' is another heavier number that again rocks.

We end with 'Soldier', with a definite southern vibe and a wonderful piece of guitar intro.  This continues until the band comes in and the whole track lifts. A very anthemic track and at over 7 minutes long, certainly worth the money alone. Great way to finish and possibly my favourite track from the album. Saved the best till last in my opinion. Love it.


With this latest album 'Finest Ramshackle Jam', we are treated to 15 songs that cover a broad spectrum of genres but seem to work together very well. From slower more ballad like to full on rockers, Thirteen Stars have obviously given a lot of thought to this play list. TFM gives 'Finest Ramshackle Jam' 4.5/5, a really interesting mix that will keep you guessing and it finishes on an absolute gem. Definitely one to add to your record collection.



'I'm Ready' has a great classic rock intro before the gravelly tones of lead singer Hoss Thompson join in and we are taken through a wonderful opening track on a rockin' rollercoaster, before 'Running So Long',  drops the pace to a more southern Tom Petty vibe both musically and lyrically. A very nice and free moving song.

'Sweet Lies' again has that southern vibe, but with more gravel tinged vocals that give this track another feel good vibe, followed by 'Give It Good', which starts with a funky guitar intro and has a great underlying beat from the rest of the band. This continues throughout with some fitting raspy vocals, but never loses that funky beat.


'Sleeping' starts with a strong riff joined by Andy Bates on drums then vocally all stitched together for a burner of a track. Dark and mysterious.