Those Damn Crows

'Point Of No Return' - Album Review

Excerpt from PR release:- Frontman Shane Greenhall comments, "In order to grow as individuals and as a band, certain mindsets, relationships, and scenarios had to end. These conscious choices led us to make our most honest, emotional, and creative music yet. There was no going back. We had to move forward, smash the glass ceiling to evolve, whilst ensuring we kept the Crows DNA intact. The album and its title, 'Point Of No Return', are the direct result of making those decisions."

The new album was produced by the legendary Colin Richardson (Bullet For My Valentine, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Sepultura), assisted by Chris Clancy, and recorded at Andy Sneap's (Judas Priest, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Opeth, Megadeth) Backstage Studio and features thirteen blistering tracks of modern hard rock. Shane adds, "We jammed every song in Judas Priest's rehearsal room (not bad aye?) moments before tracking and recording which meant we were literally capturing and recording the Crow energy we create when we play live." He continues, "There are songs on this record that are brutally honest and are of a subject matter that are very difficult to open up and talk about."

Those Damn Crows - Point Of No Return -

'Send The Reaper' is loud and heavy taking no prisoners, which pretty much sums up this energetic and full on musical extravaganza.

'Kingdom Of Dust' up next which is another rip roaring powerhouse with no let up in pace at all, before 'Going Down' continues with the full on in your face attitude that denotes this wonderful album.


'Long Time Dead' on now, but I am running out of superlatives to describe these tracks that just keep coming and coming, and will provide the backdrop to some kick ass live shows I am sure. 'King Of Second Chances' musically is the heaviest sounding track so far, very Metallica but with attitude. They have earned the right to take this music and make it in there own for all to enjoy.


'Go Get It' just proves that these guys just don't know how to write a bad tune musically or lyrically, another awesome track that would grace any hard movie soundtrack.

For 'Hey Man' (Look At Me Now), I suggest you find a long road, put this on the stereo, turn all the way up to 11 then just drive and enjoy. Be prepared for a speeding ticket, but it will be well worth it.

Last but by no means least we have 'Devil In My Pocket' where there is no let up for this last track on 'Point Of No Return'. Here we end pretty much the same way we have enjoyed the rest of the album, full on at mach 5.

Those Damn Crows are one of the new wave of acts that have now taken the step up to the next level in the industry. Their live shows are always an experience and they never ever leave anything in the dressing room, they always give 100% and the fans love them for it. On top of that you have some wondeful and at times really deep and personal songwriting, along with a very good band that just get better and better with every show. 

They are a must see whenever they tour or play a festival, and can only go from strength to strength, as this second and more difficult album will prove. There debut album 'Murder And The Motive' was excellent, but this just blows it out of the water.

I have no doubt that this will be in the top one or two albums for many of 2020, even at this early stage in the year, it really is that good and because of that, TFM gives 'Point Of No Return' a full on 5/5, a must have album.

Congratulations to Shane, Ronnie, Lloyd, Shiner and David for what is one helluva great album, you should all be very proud.

'Who Did It' gives us a wonderful and heavy start musically to this sophomore album with a great uplifting chorus and strong musicianship touching on a very real problem within our society today, before 'Set In Stone', which is a track that has seen some serious love from the likes of Planet Rock etc and rightly so, another high octane tune that just oozes class.

'Sin On Skin' leads us on a different journey tempo wise before the chorus again is just a wonderful and anthemic sing a long, big verses, big chorus, big voice. Shame about the subject matter which again is deep.

'Be You' is yet another fantastic quality song with a heartfelt message to just be yourself followed  by 'Never Win' which sees Shane get to show us his par excellence on the piano giving us a beautiful ballad. A very personal tune for many I'm sure, wonderfully executed. Even when the band come in it is really subtle and doesn't detract from the emotion whatsoever.