The Hot One Two - 'Come Whatever May'

Extract from the bands Bio - Forming mid 2016, 3 friends, Nick Blackburn (bass), Nick Manners (lead guitar) and Joe Chivers (drums) began writing and rehearsing some classic rock tunes of their own. Frontman Josh Hill was welcomed to the THOT family in January 2017 after being overheard singing in a pub beer garden one late Saturday night, shortly after the band introduced rhythm guitarist Jim Guy, to complete the lineup. 

September 2017 saw the release of their debut ep titled 'Come Whatever May'. The ep has four tracks and definitely has that 'Classic Rock' sound, with strong lyrics, infectious beats and plenty of riffs.

The ep starts at pace with the first track called 'Flush' as  lead guitar and drums set the tone before we are taken on a rock'n'roll express train ride which only slows slightly for our next track 'Better Than You Know'. The third track is 'Martial Law' before we finish with 'Neon'.

Although you can hear many different Classic Rock influences within their music, it has a twist as Josh Hill's voice is very different and makes each track unique to THOT and is just pure good honest rock music.

Track list:

1. 'Flush'

2. 'Better Than You Know'

3. 'Martial Law'

4. 'Neon'

The Hot One Two - Rolling Stone (Rehearsal Session)