Toby Jepson


Former Little Angels frontman and Wayward Sons vocalist/guitarist Toby Jepson is set to release a retrospective remastered compilation of his solo work this March.

Comprised of 16 songs taken from various releases between 2002 to 2013, 'Viewfinder' also includes four previously unreleased bonus tracks. 


"This is a selection of my solo songs that I hope you enjoy for what they are, moments in time when I was on a journey that ultimately brought them into being."


'Better Off Dead' is aggressive musically before Toby's unmistakable vocals kick in. A killer chorus and a great start to this latest release.

'Unwind' is a throwback to the 90's and is just a high energy number before 'Back In The Day' slows the pace for this dropped back track with an annoyingly addictive vibe. Next up we have 'Dear Mama', which is a funky number. Fabulous musically and vocally superb. A great foot tapping head bobbing tune.

'When Will We Learn', which has a Beatles 60's vibe with acoustic and Toby's vocals. 'Viewfinder' is the title track and is another that has a cool and funky chord progression blended beautifully with a fabulous vocal performance.

'Forgiveness' is a track with a heavier beat, somewhere between ballad and power ballad, followed by 'Happy Ever After', which lifts the pace for this upbeat and lively number.

'Motivated' is just a rocker with a great 90's vibe, before 'Raising My Own Hell' is another acoustic belter, and even has a saxophone solo. 'Four Letter Word' is a slower paced soul searcher before 
'Twisted Rhapsody' is more of a one paced track with a dramatic intensity throughout.

'Crush' (Original) is another slower paced tune with the emphasis more on the song than overplaying musically. This is a wonderful emotive track beautifully executed. You can drift away on this easily. 'Weight Of The World' is a mid tempo thought provoking number, while 'The Chosen One' has a piano that dominates the start before the band come in and take us along on this track that rises wonderfully during the chorus.

'Just No Way To Say' is another piano driven ballad, before 'Little Bird' brings back a funky beat and an upbeat tune throughout. Sticking with piano, 'Overwhelming Me' is a wonderfully executed tune, another outstanding ballad.

'Losing Side' has an upbeat and bouncy style that will have those feet tapping before 'Picking Up The Pieces', draws to a close this wonderful collection by Toby with another upbeat and flowing number that just works effortlessly.

This really is a fabulous collection of 20 tracks covering various styles and arrangements, and giving us a wonderful glimpse into the musical vault that Toby has amassed over the years.

For any Little Angels or Wayward Sons fans, this will be a wonderful addition, and for lovers of just good music, just get it.

TFM gives 'Viewfinder' 9/10. It's excellent.