Tom Killner

'Get Back Up' Album Review

Although this album was released in September 2018, it's too good not to review.

Below is an excerpt from the press release....


September 28th 2018 saw the release of the scintillating new album by 22 year old Tom Killner fresh on the heels of his stratospheric live appearances across Europe and UK, including a much raved about show at HRH Festival in Sheffield.
'Get Back Up' is an album which casts aside the cobwebs of what has been badged too predictable a genre by many, and dazzles with raw rock power yet not at the expense of subtlety and emotion.
Produced by Thin Lizzy founding legend, Eric Bell's producer, Andy Quinn, the songs reflect not only the rare talent of Tom Killner as a virtuoso guitarist and songwriter, but also provides a spectacular showcase for him as a unique contemporary vocalist.


We kick off with 'When Love Comes For You', and it is an octane fuelled start to the album with a strong and soulful vibe mixed with Tom's graveltone vocals. Full on and a great way to start. 'Groove Shaker' is next up and is just a funky gem of a song that will have you moving without a doubt.


'Working Man' brings the pace down with an acoustic start before the band joins in and Tom's vocals take you on a journey throughout this thought provoking song about the loss of major industries and the effect it has on the 'Working Man'.


'Don't Waste My Time' keeps that rock vibe going, and reminds me of an INXS style track right down to the vocals. I've been racking my brains trying to work out who Tom reminds me of with his vocals on some of the tracks,  and now I know, the late great Michael Hutchence.


The penultimate track is called 'Be Home Soon', and is another wonderful tune with an underlying country feel. This leads us into the final track on the album called 'Memories Of You', a heartfelt ballad, and is a wonderful way to finish this very good album by a very talented young musician with an exceptional band backing him.


I really enjoyed this album, and with the multitude of influences, it made for a really nice eclectic mix of tracks. Definitely an artist to watch out for, and TFM gives 'Get Back Up' 4/5

Track list:- 1.'When Love Comes For You', 2.'Groove Shaker', 3.'Working Man', 4.'Get Back Up', 5.'Get Out Of Here', 6.'So Long', 7.'Calibri', 8.'Devil Woman', 9.'Don't Waste My Time', 10.'Be Home Soon', 11.'Memories Of You'.

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'Get Back Up' is the title track and has a real dirty bluesy feel and sound and comes with the message whatever happens to you, you must just 'Get Back Up'.

'Get Out Of Here' is a slower tempo tune with some wonderful slide work that helps this song along.


'So Long' has a touch of Gary Moore about the start, before we are treated to just a beautiful sounding ballad. This is followed by 'Calibri' which is just an uplifting instrumental with all instruments playing a starring role.

Next is 'Devil Woman', another full on funky rock n roll number that will have your feet tapping along in no time.



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