Travis Tidwell

Catch Me If You Can - Album Review

From bio:- Travis Tidwell, born March 18, 1993, is a guitarist brought from humble beginnings from the small town of Lyles, Tennessee. His father worked in the daytime and played the honky tonk scene to support the family at night, while his mother also worked hard and took care of the family. Travis tells that he had several of his birthdays in the bars that his father played. He spent a lot of time around music, so becoming a musician was inevitable. His father exposed him to many styles of music that he, too, loved.

He would play the local bar scene doing country, southern rock, and blues. Beginning in his freshman year of high school, Travis decided to use the Internet to his advantage and began networking and making connections early on and began posting videos showcasing his playing on YouTube. It was because of this that Warner Brothers artist, Big Smo, found him while he was working at Pizza Hut. Landing him his first professional, major gig the day after his 19th birthday in 2012. 


'What About Us?' is another ballad, again with an underlying gospel feel. Wonderful vocal performance once again, before 'That Name' delivers an upbeat and a lively addition with an infectious beat and tempo. This is a roadhouse rocker and one that you will not be able to sit still for. You will be dancing on the bar in no time at all, guaranteed.

'Steady Peace' has a funky jazzy start which continues throughout with another very strong vocal performance and musically superb for this penultimate track before we finish this debut album with 'Pure Insanity'. Another wonderful track which starts with a similar vibe to 'Dream On' by Aerosmith. Beautiful and haunting and a fantastic way to wrap up this very impressive album by a definite future superstar. Remember the name Travis Tidwell.


This is a mighty fine debut album from an obviously very talented musician. Travis has a wonderful voice that lends itself to many different genres of music, but executing each one perfectly. Match all that with an extremely talented bunch of musicians and you have a fantastic musical mix of pure talent and excellent song writing.

'Catch Me If You Can' is available to pre-order from August 9th for release on August 14th and I for one cannot recommend this album enough. It really is a fabulous collection of songs that showcase the talents of Travis Tidwell. TFM gives 'Catch Me If You Can' 5/5, a truly wonderful debut album and one you need to own.

'Gonna Make Somebody Happy' is a sweet picking start to this debut album and has a wonderful upbeat and foot tapping beat with some great vocals. Reminds me of an early Elvis vibe, great start. Next up we have 'Giving You Time', which has the most wonderful gospel sounding keys to start before we are treated to a beautifully melodic ballad with a wonderful feel.

'If You're Reading This' has a very commercial sounding radio friendly sound that would grace the airwaves of any station, and is a country ballad through and through, and this is followed by 'Catch Me If You Can', which is the first song to be released and is an absolute belter of a tune. Such a great vibe and feel and a wonderful progression through the chorus, uplifting and beautiful. Fabulous track from start to finish.