Troy Redfern

'Deep Cuts'

Troy Redfern releases a brand new, ten track album exclusively on Bandcamp.

The album is made up of rare, unreleased cuts from 'Dirt Blues Ritual' and 'This Raging Heart' sessions, with tracks ranging from the heavy octa fuzz tones of 'Soul' to the stripped back acoustic groove of 'Playin' On My Mind'.

Troy Redfern combines the rawness of Hound Dog Taylor, the free-form approach of Sonny Sharrock, the firebrand playing of Johnny Winter and the technique of Dave Hole, mixed with the ghost of Elmore James.


As guitarist Troy Redfern tells it, he grew up in the shadow of Hergest Ridge, made famous by Mike Oldfield

The Welsh borders, roughly that area between Hay-on-Wye, Brecon and Hereford, might not quite evoke the arresting geography and climate of say Louisiana, but there's something about the freedom of that area...


This latest release by Troy Redfern is a fabulous collection and amazes me how these never made it onto the cd's originally?

I for one am extremely pleased that Troy has decided to release these tracks as they definitely deserve to see the light of day and this is another wonderfully put together album full of extremes.

TFM gives 'Deep Cuts' a big 5/5, and is a release that you really should invest in, but remember it will only be released on Bandcamp on October 2nd.

'Let It Go' is a full on high octane start to this latest collection of tunes. You will struggle to find time to take a breath during this superfast tempo and slide a plenty. This is followed by
'Painted Blue', which delivers a more moderate tempo and sound with a soulful and hypnotic execution.


'Soul' is a ball busting banger of a track with a beat that will vibrate your very soul. Almost punk like lyrics create another uniquely Troy Redfern styled track.
'Valentine' is up next, and as the name suggests is a more slower paced ballad of a track but with a haunting melodic sound throughout.


'Satisfied' raises the pace again with a racing and full throttle attack on the senses. A wonderful track that will have those feet tapping and heads bobbing, before 'Playin' On My Mind', which is an acoustic beauty that from the start grabs you and draws you in. A wonderful vibe throughout.


'When Love Takes Over' is another track with a slide masterclass that just resonates throughout and with musical changes a plenty, this tune has a real mixture that works perfectly together.

'Ride On' is just a funky and heavy number that has a fabulous intro and then takes you on a wonderful musical journey, before 'Tribulation', which is a delta blues beauty delivered wonderfully by Troy.

'Comin' In' finishes the album with a rip roaring country swinging railroad tracking bundle of joy. A great finale for another wonderful Troy Redfern release.