Troy Redfern

'Island' Album Review

Release date May 22nd

Excerpt from press release:- Troy Redfern releases a collection of new songs and instrumentals that were written and recorded in April 2020 during the Covid 19 lockdown.


Mainly recorded on his 1929 National Triolian resonator and a 1936 May Bell acoustic parlour guitar, this album sees Troy depart from his usual high energy blues rock stylings to deliver something artistically freer with more melodic depth and lyrical introspection.


'Island' is an artistic reflection of feelings and emotions filtered through the lens of these strange times.


'Emma' is another beautiful slide instrumental to finish this bewitching and wonderful lockdown release.


There are a few silver lined clouds to come out of this current situation we are dealing with, and this is definitely another one of them. A wonderful and eclectic album from a fabulous and talented musician.

TFM gives 'Island' a full fat 5/5, a wonderful and at times haunting album. You can pre-order via the following link,

I really urge you to do so, this is a fantastic album and you will not regret it one bit.


Track list:-

1. 'Doin' Time'

2. 'Falling Down'

3. 'Call To Prayer'

4. 'John The Revelator'

5. 'Island'

6. 'Hallowed Ground'

7. 'Era's End'

8. 'Fighting Forms'

9. 'Lay My Body Down'

10. 'Emma'



'Doin' Time' is a full on dirty bluesy beast with a beat that will rattle your very foundations. An explosive start to this release that will certainly wake you up from your lockdown slumber!

'Falling Down' is a much more relaxed and flowing tune that has a really nice slide throughout complimenting Troy's vocals beautifully, before 'Call To Prayer', which is a fabulous and haunting instrumental.

'John The Revelator' is given the Troy Redfern treatment and is a helluva track. Both vocally and musically fantastic, an absolute giant of a tune, before the title track 'Island', which starts with the waves lapping on the shoreline and again some wonderfully haunting guitar that bring us another instrumental beauty with so much heart and soul pouring out.


'Hallowed Ground' to me has a real western feel, something that wouldn't be out of place played at Boot Hill. An excellent sound, and another gem, and this is followed by 'Era's End', which is a totally different tune to anything else on the album so far with a wonderful instrumental with a beautiful Latino sound. Just mesmerizing.

'Fighting Forms' is an instrumental that is building and building, with an eastern feel almost leading the way into the next tune 'Lay My Body Down'. This has a fabulous upbeat vibe that will have your feet tapping and if you have one, you'll be reaching for that tambourine to join in.