Troy Redfern

'The Fire Cosmic'

"I chose Rockfield Studios because so much of the music I grew up listening to was recorded at this legendary studio (Queen, Black Sabbath, Mott The Hoople). The studio is hallowed ground for every musician, and the rooms there are charged with so much magic and history of all the iconic, classic albums that have been produced there." "It was important for me to capture the raw energy of three guys playing live in the same place, at the same time. That’s something that you just can't get if you’re sending files from different locations, it doesn't have the same vibe or feel if you do it that way."

"As soon as we arrived at Rockfield, everyone, including Darby and Dave who’ve recorded all over the world, were excited to be there,” continues Troy. "It’s that kind of place. It has that effect on every musician who records there. Even before we started recording, the energy and vibe was there, which definitely set the tone for the entire album."

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'On Fire' brings back a heavier beat with a much more aggressive nature both musically and vocally, before 'Lay That Love Down' brings us back down with another slide masterclass for this hippy enthused 70's feel good track.

'Ghosts' is the latest release and has a haunting and melodic western feel to it. This song just bounds along taking you with it for the ride. Next is
'Saving Grace', which is a much slower more meloncholy number with a much more acoustic and intimate feel to it. Very Beatles in its feel.

'Sanctify' lifts the pace again with this rockin' number that will have that head bobbing and feet tapping for sure, before 'Stone' draws to a close this latest release with some glorious and emotive slide mixed with Troy's passion filled vocals. A beautiful and melodic end to this fabulous and unique release. 

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'Scorpio' is a rockabilly psycho ball buster of a tune to kick off this latest album. Intensive guitar and vocals throughout all taking you along for a ride of volcanic proportions, and this is just a starter..... 

'Waiting For Your Love' is another single release, and is a masterclass in sultry slide with a pumping beat that leads to a huge chorus. You will be singing along to this, fact.

'One Way Ticket' is another with a great slide intro, but a lot more of a rockier tempo. Troy's gravelesque vocals work perfectly as this erupts into another huge chorus. Epic sound.
Next up is 'Love And War', which drops the pace for this funky little number. This track just moves effortlessly with its bouncing beat and free flowing vibe.

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I know for a fact that Troy has literally poured his heart and soul into this latest project to make it the best he could possibly achieve. He enlisted the help of some musical giants and spared no expense with recording at the famous Rockfield Studios on the Welsh borders, and mastering at the even more iconic Abbey Road Studios in London.

You will not find another album that comes close to this in style, passion, commitment and uniqueness this year, so don't expect this to sound like any other album you have. Troy is a one off and does everything his way and it certainly works. This album is explosive, haunting, melodic and full of intense drama throughout and is 100% authentic in every way.

TFM gives 'The Fire Cosmic' a near perfect 9.5/10, always gotta leave a little wiggle room to go even bigger next time. Do yourself a favour and let this creation devour your senses when released on August 6th. It will be unlike anything else you listen to this year.

The Troy Redfern Band