Troy Redfern

'This Raging Heart' - Album Review

Excerpt from bio:- Troy Redfern combines the rawness of Hound Dog Taylor, the free-form approach of Sonny Sharrock, the firebrand playing of Johnny Winter and the technique of Dave Hole, mixed with the ghost of Elmore James'.

There's something about the Welsh marches. As guitarist Troy Redfern tells it, he grew up in the shadow of Hergest Ridge, made famous by Mike Oldfield. The Welsh borders - roughly that area between Hay on Way, Brecon and Hereford - might not quite evoke the arresting geography and climate of say Louisiana, but there's something about the freedom of that area...

It all fits perfectly into Troy Redfern's world. He's a passionate, intense, free spirited indie blues artist whose ferocious slide guitar style twists and turns timeless themes and ideas to his own ends. In the studio, the multi instrumental slide guitarist and producer is a one man band who painstakingly pays attention to the minutiae of his tone, the imaginary arrangements and noir filled lyrics.


Troy Redfern is back with a ltd edition release titled 'This Raging Heart' and this is due to hit our shelves on February 26th to coincide with the first date of his national spring tour.

We begin with 'Wrong Side Of The Tracks' which is a full on steam train of an opening tune with that slide working overtime before Troy's gravel tones kick in. Next up is 'Tonight', and this has a wonderful ebb and flow about it and moves along with a swagger.


'It Ain't Easy' has an almost reggae beat to the verse before we are lifted up for the chorus, before 'On My Knees' sees the return of the slide working its magic on this hypnotic track.

'My Oh My' has an old school bluesy boogie vibe that you cannot help but tap your feet to, almost rockabilly in places, then 'Don't Let Me Down' is just an awesome tune with a blues rock overtone and a real uplift to the chorus.


The pace slows for 'Engraved', but even as a slower track, this is a burner with some wonderful sounding resonator guitar work.

'Left For Dead' brings the pace back up to an almost frantic level with some full on playing before 'In Memories' brings us a slower instrumental blues tune which has a really beautiful sound and feel.

Last but not least we have 'Slash And Burn', which pretty much ends how we started this latest adventure with Troy Redfern, energetic, full on, nothing left in the dressing room. Again there is that rockabilly undertone which works so well. Great end to a wonderful album, and a really good showcase for Troy's talents.


I really like the eclectic mix of styles in this album, and Troy's slide playing is just wonderful matched only by his gravel tone vocals. 

TFM gives 'This Raging Heart' a big 4.75/5, a wonderful album that would grace any music collection. 

Track list:-

1. 'Wrong Side Of The Tracks'

2. 'Tonight'

3. 'It Ain't Easy'

4. 'On My Knees'

5. 'My Oh My'

6. 'Don't Let Me Down'

7. 'Engraved'

8. 'Left For Dead'

9. 'In Memories'

10. 'Slash And Burn'