Whiskey Myers

Self Titled Album Review

“You can tell when somebody is faking it,” says Cody Cannon, lead singer and guitarist of Whiskey Myers, “and you can tell when it’s real.” This kick-ass band has been steadily building a devoted following with its gritty authenticity, and with their self-titled fifth album, they’re poised to explode.

Each one of the releases from Whiskey Myers has been bigger and bigger — following their break-out third album, 2014’s Early Morning Shakes, their most recent record, Mud, climbed to No. 4 on Billboard’s country charts in 2016. And that was before the group was featured in Kevin Costner’s TV series Yellowstone in 2018 (not just on the soundtrack, but on screen, performing in a bar), which propelled the band’s entire catalogue into the Top 10 of the iTunes country chart.


'Die Rockin' is a full on guitar driven belter of a track to kick off this latest album with a bit of gospel thrown in for good measure. Great guitar and great vocals from Cody Cannon.
'Mona Lisa' is a country rockin' stormer that will have your ass shaking in no time, followed by 'Rolling Stone' with its harmonica start and infectious bouncing beat that takes you along on a wonderful country Dylan'esque sound.

'Bitch' with John Jeffers on vocals just rocks, it is just a turn up to 11 track.

'Gasoline' is more a southern rock belter with the emphasis on rock. Next up is 'Bury My Bones', a laid back but not slow track that has a fiddle that works beautifully alongside Cody's vocals.

'Glitter Ain't Gold' is another cool tune that is a burner, starting off with an addictive beat that builds to a really juicey chorus.

'Houston County Sky' is probably the most Country sounding tune with the lap steel and the way the tune bounces along, but fits beautifully into this latest release.

'Little More Money' has another cool country vibe but with a little more Tom Petty than Willie Nelson.

'California to Caroline' has an interesting story put to a wonderful sound, with a really nice feel.


Track list:-

1. 'Die Rockin'

2. 'Mona Lisa'

3. 'Rolling Stone'

4. 'Bitch'

5. 'Gasoline'

6. 'Bury My Bones'

7. 'Glitter Ain't Gold'

8. 'Houston County Sky'

9. 'Little More Money'

10. 'California to Caroline'

11. 'Kentucky Gold'

12. 'Running'

13. 'Hammer'

14. 'Bad Weather'


'Kentucky Gold' lifts the pace back up to a heavier sound with a pumping beat with a big chorus helped by some wonderful backing vocals. Next up is 'Running', which is a more commercial sounding tune with a happy feel that wouldn't be out of place on a Smokey And The Bandit movie, that lifts at the end with a guitar solo that just rocks.

'Hammer' as the name suggests, hits hard with the kick drum and harmonica before heavy vocals complete the attack. Great sound.

'Bad Weather' is the last track and brings the pace right down with a ballad to leave you reflecting on what a wonderful album you have just listened to.

In my opinion this is by far and away the best complete Whiskey Myers album from start to finish, there is not one song that gets skipped, and listening from start to finish is a wonderful way to enjoy this latest release.

TFM gives the latest self titled Whiskey Myers album a full on 5/5, a must have.