Jack J Hutchinson Band

'Who Feeds The Lockdown?'

Album Launch Party

A good few weeks ago now there was a plan taking place behind the scenes for a socially distanced real gig with limited fans attending over a two set afternoon at The Facebar in Reading.

All the due diligence work had been done to stay within the rules of lockdown, and it turned out we could actually pull this off. It was an exciting time, we were gonna have a real gig again.

The excitement was short lived as the government decided to not allow any live music with audience attendance indoors at all at this time, but that was not the end of it.


Rather than give up after this latest set back, it was decided that there would still be a real gig in a real venue but with no audience present. Instead it would be a livestream of a full set of the 'Who Feeds The Lockdown?' album and a few other favourites. There would be a physical ticket and signed poster as well as a free download of an unplugged lockdown album all for the price of a ticket, as well as a full HD livestream with various camera angles etc streamed live via Facebook and YouTube.

The promotion started and before you knew it the event had sold out. How can an online event sell out I hear you ask, well it had to be special as there have been so many livestreams throughout lockdown, so there were a limited number of the physical tickets and posters available, so that's what the cap for the livestream was set at.

July 12th was the date, 8pm was the time to celebrate the album release which is on July 17th, so it was great timing.

To pull this sort of thing off to a professional level takes a lot of clever people and for all the stars to align at the right moment and of course a little bit of luck, well July 12th saw all these factors come together to create a wonderful event that was enjoyed by many people watching live, but no one enjoyed it more than the band themselves. For over 90 minutes the music kept coming as the full album was played live, nearly to the set list but not quite. Their version of 'War Pigs' by Black Sabbath had become a firm favourite in their set before the lockdown occurred, and it was an epic performance on this night.

From the opening riff of 'Justified' to the wonderful 'Kiss Your Ass Goodbye' we are treated to a wonderful set played with added gusto as this is the first time for a few months that the band had even been in the same room, let alone played together in anger.

In between these two we had the heavy 'Haunted Bones', then 'Peace Of Mind', 'Autumn Leaves' and 'Winds Of Change' before we have the wonderful funky and heavy rendition of 'Rattlesnake Woman' taken from Jack's previous album 'Paint No Fiction'.

'Lucky Man' is up next before one of the tracks that Jack did for the RHR album 'Mahogany Drift', 'Rapture', which is a fabulous track. Next up we know the track before they even play it as we hear air raid sirens that start this band's epic version of 'War Pigs', the Black Sabbath classic which lasts 8 minutes plus and is just a wonderful performance.

'Deal With The Devil' and 'Hip Slickin' from 'Paint No Fiction' are up next before one of the most personal and heartfelt songs from the latest album 'I Will Follow You' is delivered with the heart and soul with which it was written.

Fleetwood Mac's 'Oh Well' and a brand new song 'World On Fire' finish off this wonderful set of music before we are treated to an encore of 'Sleep Awake Obey'.

This whole event has been very special for all involved, none more so than the band themselves who never stopped smiling throughout, it was obvious how much they have missed playing live.

Thanks must go to Alec (Crazy Cowboy), whose vision started the ball rolling for all this, to The Facebar team, Sharon and Matt, to Jon Theobald and Richard Brindley for sorting the video and audio streams, to Johnny Deller for the catering and just for being Johnny, and to the band, Jack, Felipe and Laz take a bow, that was a wonderful performance that so many people desperately needed, and lastly but by no means least, to all the people that bought tickets that made all this possible.

The gig gets 10/10, and everyone who watched would agree I have no doubt.... until the next time.