Wille & the Bandits

Paths - Album Review

From press release:- Wille & The Bandits will release their new album “Paths” on Friday 1st February 2019, encapsulating the excitement and gusto of rock’n’roll. The album is a breath of fresh air challenging the listener while embracing technology and instrumental possibilities that are afforded to musicians in current times. The new album will be released by Fat Toad Records and distributed by Proper.

We start this journey through the latest studio album with a track called 'One Way'. It starts with you stood at the Crossroads, or at least that's what it sounds like with that deep South slide guitar intro, before we are hit with a hectic repetitive beat with an array of people who have stood for peace throughout their lives being mentioned in the chorus.



'Keep it on the Down-low', bottleneck slide and funk driven riffs with a rap overlay, what's not to like about this, great fun.


'Judgement Day' has a much more commercial sound but with a very strong social question being asked, and this is followed by 'How Long' which is Wille's tribute to Chris Cornell, and talks about depression and the very real detrimental effects it can have on your life.


'Find My Way' is full on and beat driven talking about how the world is set up to profit  the rich. There are some wonderful hand drum and slide solos to be had too. This is followed by 'Watch You Grow' which talks about all the joys of parenthood.


We finish this album with a song called 'Retribution', and this is a powerhouse of a track to end with, and would not be out of place on any huge festival stage from the 70's. A great sound and vocals, one that definitely has that anthemic quality, and is probably my favourite track on the record.


This is a very good album with a diverse instrumentation and equipment being used to create a wonderful eclectic mix of sounds and styles.


TFM gives 'Paths' 4.5/5

Wille & the Bandits are on tour in January/February and March throughout the UK, check them out if they come to a venue near you.




'Make Love' has a funky 60's sounding groove with some great guitar work and a real retro sound that will have your foot tapping instantly. This is followed by 'Victim of the Night' which is a more mid tempo sounding tune with some great hooks and subtle musical changes that take you nicely along on their musical journey. 

'Four Million Days' is a ballad of some class, starting with strings alongside guitar picking that all lead up to a crescendo for the chorus. Next up is a track called 'Chakra' which has a 'New World' sound musically, and I am sure that there were some worldly instruments used in the making of....